Commercial Property Fence: 4 Reasons Chain Link Fencing Is the Best Choice

Are you looking to secure an empty lot from squatters and trespassers? Installing a security fence is the best way to mark your commercial property boundary and deter intruders. Chain link fencing is a popular choice for security fencing for many commercial properties, government installations, and other high-security facilities. So what are the advantages of chain link fencing to secure your commercial property?

Quick Installation 

A good fence contractor can install a long line of chain link fencing in a short period of time. If trespassers threaten your commercial property, you have the opportunity to hinder them by installing a fence. It does not even require a lot of equipment to install. You only need a hole digger and wire twisting equipment. It is also easy to extend a chain-link fence if you plan to expand your business later. The new section overlaps the old section and then extends to wherever you want it.  

Chain link fencing works well with other security equipment, like razor wire and security cameras. It also couples well with different gates. 


Chain link fencing is preferred for government installations because it is usually the most cost-effective option. If you install a  perimeter fence on your commercial property, it makes economic sense to use chain link fencing. 

Easy Maintenance 

Chain link fencing is made from steel wire,  which is coated to prevent it from rusting and corroding. A galvanized coating uses zinc, while an aluminized coating uses aluminum. Both metals are typically rust-resistant. You can also opt for a colored chain link fence. All these options are low-maintenance. 

Similarly, repairing a damaged chain link section can be quite easy. The contractor simply cuts out the damaged section and installs a new section. Chain link wire does not typically require much care because it is coated to prevent rust and corrosion. You can hose it down with a pressure washer to remove any extra dust and debris.  

High Deterrence 

Chain link fencing is associated with high-security facilities because it is commonly used to secure high-security facilities like prisons, military bases, and airports. Because it's rather easy to install, it can be easy to build it very high, which helps to discourage intruders from climbing over it. It also becomes a formidable deterrence when topped with razor wire. 

You can opt for a higher gauge chain link for added security. The steel wires are thicker, and the mesh knitted tighter. Chain link fencing may look deceivingly simple, but it is hard to beat. Having visibility through the mesh is an added advantage because it is easier to see approaching threats.  

Would you like to secure your commercial property quickly and affordably? Talk to a fencing contractor about your security concerns. 

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