3 Commercial Fencing Options You Should Know

It is important to note that commercial fencing not only wards off intruders but also serves as a protective barrier. It can be used to define the property boundary of any property owner. Commercial fencing options are available in various forms like a chain link fence, tubular fence, pool fence, or vinyl-coated chain link fence.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link is one of the most common fencing options used to enclose commercial yards. It comes in either painted green or black, with galvanized steel links that are welded together at the top and bottom to form a smooth "mesh." This design allows the fence to stand up to some of the harshest weather conditions.

Chain link can be made into various shapes. For example, corners can be made by inserting corner posts (round tubes) at 90-degree angles where two lengths of chain link meet; these posts hold tension wire which further secures the fence line. This fencing is often used for commercial fencing because it has a long life span. It can be built to any height or length needed, and it is easy to install. Additionally, it can be disassembled easily if relocation becomes necessary, which makes it efficient for both short-term and permanent projects.

As a fencing option, chain link is the standard choice because of its affordability and ease in design and installation.

Tubular Fence

Tubular fencing is also called "T-bar" or "tube" fencing. This type of fencing uses a long tube to form the structure of the fence, which is then usually attached horizontally to posts. Many different types of materials can be used to create this frame, including steel tubing, aluminum, or even PVC piping.

Because tubular fencing comes in a variety of widths and lengths, multiple tube sizes are necessary depending on how wide a gate opening needs to be or what length is needed for each side of the fence line. Each tube needs at least one attachment where it attaches horizontally to a post. This is usually a "T" shaped bar, which has holes at each end for inserting the tube. To put up a tubular fence, posts must be securely staked down with concrete or by using ground staples or other stakes in order to hold them in place firmly.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Vinyl coated chain link fence is also called vinyl coated wire or PVC coated fencing. It is very similar to chain link, except it has a thin sheet of sturdy plastic coating the links on the top and bottom. The coating adds an extra layer of protection against rusting. This type of fence is often chosen because it blends in with many types of landscaping without taking too much away from the view. If you need privacy but do not want to sacrifice style for it, a vinyl coated chain link might be a good option.

Reach out to a fencing professional to discuss the type of commercial fencing that would be good for your property. 

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