3 Things You Need To Know About Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl fencing is an ideal option for many homeowners. A vinyl fence will last for decades, hold up well to the elements, and is easy to maintain. There are numerous vinyl fence options, including different styles and colors. When selecting a vinyl fence for your property, you have many options to consider. While there are many decisions to make before installing a vinyl fence, there are a few things you need to know about the installation. 

How Much It Costs

The first thing you should consider when installing vinyl fencing is how much it will cost. You will want to consider the cost of the vinyl fencing materials and the installation labor. The quality and style of the vinyl fencing you choose will affect how much you pay for the fencing itself. Labor costs can also vary depending on how difficult the fencing installation will be. The vinyl fencing materials will set you back $10 to $30 per linear foot, while the installation labor will cost $5 to $10 per linear foot. 

How Long It Takes

How long vinyl fencing installation takes depends on the length of fencing you want to add to your property and terrain. The weather will also impact your vinyl fencing installation timeline. On average, installing a 150 to 200-foot-long vinyl fence will take three to five days. Before work begins on your vinyl fence, talk to your fencing contractor about the installation timeline. You will also want to make sure you remove any obstacles to the installation that may be present on your property. 

Whether You Need Permits

Before your fencing contractor breaks ground, you need to know whether a permit is necessary for vinyl fencing installation. Fencing contractors can help you determine if permits are required and can help you obtain them. You also need to know where your property line is located. You don't want to go through a vinyl fence installation only to find that you accidentally built part of your fence on your neighbor's property. You'll also want to check any HOA regulations that may be in place before starting a vinyl fence installation.

There are three things you should know when installing vinyl fencing. First, how much you pay depends on the fencing you select and labor costs. Second, most vinyl fencing installations only take a few days. Finally, you'll need to determine whether permits are necessary before the vinyl fence installation begins. 

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