5 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Fence

Are you ready to fence in your backyard, but you're struggling when it comes to selecting a fence material? If so, you should know the following things to consider during your selection process. 

Do You Want Privacy?

There are many options for privacy fences out there, with the most common and popular type being a wood panel fence. These can go up quickly and are made with wood slats that do not allow anybody to easily see through them. You can also use a vinyl fence, which comes in panels of solid material. They typically don't even have gaps that you can peek through. 

Do You Need To Secure A Pet?

Needing to keep a pet contained to your yard means that you need to focus on material that will be flush with the ground and tall enough so that they cannot jump over it. You may be better off getting a custom wood fence if you have uneven terrain along your fence line. This is because a custom wood fence can have each slat made to a custom height to match the elevation. When you have a panel fence, you need to create steps that can leave gaps underneath the fence.

Do You Want A Decorative Fence?

Wrought iron and aluminum fencing can both be very decorative. They do not offer much privacy but can be customized with spires on the fence posts and a modern metal look. It is definitely not going to be cheap either since wrought iron fences are one of the most expensive fences that you can get. However, you may find the fence worth it due to its look

Do You Plan To Share A Fence With A Neighbor? 

If you are going to split the cost of the fence with your neighbor, you'll want a material that looks great on both sides so that nobody gets the bad side. This can be done with a wood shadow box fence that has alternating slates on the inside and outside of the fencing material. Vinyl is another material that looks similar on both sides of the fence. Chain link fencing also is going to be identical on both sides as well.

Do You Want To Save Money?

Speaking of chain link fencing, it is going to be one of the cheapest fence materials that you can get. It doesn't offer any privacy, but it can be customized by placing vinyl slats between the links. It can be a great way to secure a pet and mark your property lines without spending a lot of money.

For more information about fence installation, contact a local company.

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