Signs You Need Wooden Fence Repair

Installing a quality wood fence around your home gives you an added sense of security and privacy. With time, a perfectly maintained wood fence will present signs of depreciation and damage. When you notice your posts are sagging and the boards have splintered, you must consider fence repair services. 

Wood fences can withstand harsh elements for substantial periods. But warping, rotten slats, or dry rot on some sections signal it's time to repair them. You must contact a fence installation specialist to inspect the wood. They will advise you on the best way to handle the repairs. 

Here are signs that you need wood fence repair. 

Insect Damage 

Your wooden fence is treated, painted, or sealed to protect it from pest damage. As time goes by, boring insects will inflict damage, especially when the paint or treatment agent wears off. You must check your fence for signs of pest infiltration. If they've attacked some parts, you must call a fencing contractor to repair the sections. Fortunately, experienced installers will repair and offer advice on how to purge the pest problem. You should take care of the pests before repairing to prevent additional damage. 

Physical Damage 

Strong gusts of wind, or impact damage can break your wooden fence. If some boards are broken and the sections have caved in, a skilled fence repair professional can help you to repair instead of overhauling the entire structure. They can check boards and replace the ones that are damaged beyond repair. Fortunately, you can reclaim the uniform look of the fence by painting or staining the newly replaced pieces. 

Moisture in the Wood

Properly installed wood fences should have ample clearance from the ground. This ensures timber does not wick moisture from the soil. If the fence settles and the wood is sitting on the ground, moisture can damage it. Whenever you realize the boards are touching the ground, check for signs of moisture damage. If some boards are affected, you can call a fence repair specialist to fix warped or moisture-damaged pieces. 

Peeling and Chipped Paint or Stain

Painting or staining the wooden fence gives it a superb appearance. It's one way of protecting the wood from insects and the elements. If you notice the paint is chipped or peeling off, you need to call fencing repair professionals to repaint or re-apply stain on the boards. As a way of protecting the wood, you can repair it by painting parts or the entire structure.

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