Install A Wood Fence To Make Changes Easily

Being a homeowner gives you a great deal of freedom to change and improve your home, especially when you are not in a homeowners association community. So, you may plan to work on projects you know your family will benefit from, such as installing a backyard fence.

The tricky part about choosing details for a new feature is the difficulty of changing them in the future. A great option is to install a wood fence because you can change things over time.

Painting and Staining

The stain or paint color you choose for a wooden fence is not a permanent addition to your home. However, you may not know what color to choose for the installation. A stress-free approach is to select a color from your home's exterior to create a consistent look all around.

After some time passes, you can paint or stain the fence in another color to better suit your preferences. Another option is to hire the same company that installed the fence because they can guarantee an even application and give you advice on picking colors.

Cap and Trim

Installing a simple flat-top fence is a viable approach when you are most interested in the protection and privacy of this feature. A major benefit of installing such a simple fence is that you can add a cap and trim later to make it look attractive and impressive.

If you are comfortable with manual labor and heavy-duty work, you can even build and install a cap and trim. However, you can also skip this step and get help from fencing professionals.

Post Caps

While a cap and trim are great additions to a plain fence, you may plan to install a fence with decorative pickets. These attractive pickets may satisfy your visual needs for a while. But you can go even further with the decorative look by adding caps to all the fence posts at any time.

One of the best things about a wooden fence with post caps is that you can continue replacing them over the years as your style preferences change.

Coyote Rollers

While you can beautify a wooden fence in several ways, you can improve its functionality by adding coyote rollers across the top. Cats, dogs, coyotes, opossums, and raccoons that rely on climbing over the fence to get into your backyard will no longer be able to get inside. Fortunately, you can add coyote rollers any time after installation to gain instant protection.

Adding a wood fence to your backyard will provide you with ample flexibility so you can make future changes easily. Contact a fence contractor to learn more.

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