Busting Vinyl Fence Myths

The varieties of fence options that are available for your property can make it difficult to determine the option that will be the best suited for your needs. Vinyl fencing can be an affordable option, but some myths about this style of fencing can lead to difficulties when a person is deciding on a fencing solution for their property.

Myth: Vinyl Fencing Is Extremely Prone To Breaking

Durability and strength is always a key factor when it comes to installing a secure fence. Not surprisingly, many people will be hesitant to buy a fence that they assume will be easy to break. While vinyl is a type of plastic, this should not lead you to conclude that it will be easily broken. Vinyl fencing is made to be extremely thick so that it will be as strong as possible. As a result, this type of fence will be able to withstand many of the impacts that could cause damage to wood fencing solutions.

Myth: Vinyl Fence Will Have An Unappealing Look

The new fencing will be an extremely noticeable part of your property. While individuals will often assume that vinyl fencing will always be a basic white color, it is possible for these solutions to be heavily customized. Some of these customizations can include the color of the fence, the overall design of the vinyl planks and posts, and the texture of the vinyl as well. It can often be difficult for a person to fully imagine how these options will look on their property, but many vinyl fence companies can offer samples or renderings of these options to help customers anticipate how their new fence will look.

Myth: Vinyl Fencing Is Easily Stained

Staining can be a significant issue for a fence. Over the years, it can be possible for algae, moss, and other substances to grow on the fence, which can lead to it developing permanent stains. In this regard, vinyl is an extremely durable solution due to the fact that it will not have the small openings that other fence materials can have that will allow pigments to get trapped. This can have the added benefit of making the fence extremely easy to clean. In most cases, a vinyl fence will be able to be cleaned with little more than a thorough pressure washing of it. When pressure washing the fence, pay attention to the crevices whether the planks meet the fence post. These areas can be prone to developing large accumulations of algae, moss, and other substances.

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