How To Prepare For Fence Installation

You might need fence installation in your compound to have a visible perimeter around your house. Installing a fence isn't an easy task, as such, you'll need to use the services of a fence contractor. Here is a guide on how to fence your farm.

Planning a Fence

Planning where to fence in your farm is critical to avoid destruction of property or wandering of animals into the home compound. Fences that are well planned can last as long as 25 years. You can plan for repairs or new fence installations.

If you're planning to install divider fences, be sure to inspect the boundary fences to ensure these are okay and in no need of repair. Once the boundary fences are in good shape, draw the boundaries of your farm on paper and indicate the divider fences you want to install.

Fence Material

After sketching your property perimeter, it's time to decide where you'll install the permanent and temporary divider. Permanent fence installation is ideal for the boundary to avoid disputes with neighbors. 

You can also have permanent fences where there is a grazing area for your animals. Permanent fences are ideal in this setting to avoid animals trespassing into your garden or home area. You can also use permanent fences for your cultivated fields to keep out animals and intruders.

Temporary fences are used to cordon areas for weeks or a few months. Movable fences are cost-effective and handy, making them a good choice for dividing your farm. If you aren't sure about placing a permanent fence, you can use a movable fence until you decide on a permanent solution. Movable fences are desirable with rotation of pastures, but they require a shepherd during grazing to avoid the destruction of the fences.

Fence Types

Your vegetation and livestock will inform the decision on the type of fence to install on the border of the fence. Cattle can move through an unstable fence, while horses may try to jump over a low fence. If there is green vegetation on the other side of the fence, it may be compromised when livestock tries to move through or jump over. 

There are many fences to choose from, including barbed wire and rail fences. Cable wire fences and chain-linked fences are also good choices for permanent fence installation. Tensile wire fence and electric fencing is also an available option.

In Conclusion

Whatever your fencing ideas are, it's wise to consider fence contractors. Note that as you choose your fence, you need to consider the material used. As the quality of the material becomes less robust, the distance between each post is altered. 

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