5 Benefits Of Adding Privacy To Your Chain Link Fencing

The main drawback of a chain link fence is that it is open and thus lacks privacy. Privacy slats, such as the Pexco brand silver fence weave, can solve the problem of privacy. There are several benefits for choosing the option to install a weave-in slat product as opposed to installing an all-new privacy fence, and not all of them have to do with increased privacy. 

1. Quick Installation

Privacy slats go in quickly. They are made of a flexible nylon, which makes it simple to weave them into the chain link. Some styles are simply woven in and then trimmed to the fence height, while others come with a fastener system that ensures they won't move once installed. Regardless, you can easily install the slats in a day and enjoy increased privacy by nightfall.

2. Durable Construction

One of the main draws of chain link fencing is it's durability — it's often the last fence you ever need to install. The good news is that privacy slats are also extremely durable. The nylon material withstands weathering well and doesn't break down easily in UV light. Cracking and fading aren't major concerns, either. The result is a privacy fence that is sure to last decades with minimal maintenance or concerns.

3. Cost Effective

Pulling out the chain link fence and installing a new privacy fence can be very expensive, both in terms of the cost of labor and the cost of materials. Weave-in privacy slats are inexpensive, especially when compared to other fencing materials. Further, the short installation time also reduces labor costs, even if you contract installation out to a fencing service.

4. Increased Security

Chain link privacy slats provide a surprising benefit when woven into the fence — more security. One concern with chain link is that it can be easy to climb. Once the slats are woven through the chain, there are no longer any easy footholds. Slats can make the fence almost impossible to climb. Further, there may be less temptation to climb the fence if an intruder can't see through to the other side.

5. Adaptable Style

How you weave in the slats provides a lot of style options. You can weave in slats vertically, horizontally, or on the diagonal, depending on the look you are going for. There are also many color options, which you can further mix and match for a unique look.

Contact a fencing service to learn more about fence weaves for privacy.

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