Chain-Link Fencing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Thinking about installing a chain-link fence in your yard? Well, there are a few mistakes you have to avoid during the installation. These mistakes might cause your fence to look awful or fall after a couple of weeks. Here are a few chain-link fencing mistakes to avoid.

Failing to Follow Legal Restrictions

Before you install a chain-link fence around your property, make a point of familiarizing yourself with the legal requirements in your town or city. Know where your property line is so that you don't erect a fence on your neighbor's property. You might also need to get a permit to build the fence. While at it, ensure you don't interfere with plumbing and electricity lines to avoid lawsuits with your utility companies.

Not Hiring a Fence Installation Expert

As much as you are a DIY enthusiast, you still need the help of an expert to install a chain-link fence. DIY fence installation may not work when dealing with chain-link fencing. Chain-link fences are quite complicated to install. As such, DIYers can make costly mistakes during installation. 

Besides, if you do a shoddy job, you'll need to hire an experienced contractor to help correct the problem. That said, consider hiring a fencing contractor to erect the chain-link fence. At least there will be no room for costly errors.

Failing to Anchor the Post

If you are confident that you can install a chain-link fence by yourself, don't forget to anchor the posts. Some people leave the posts of their chain-link fence bare. As such, their fences will definitely have stability issues. For the fence to remain firm throughout, you'll need to use concrete on the posts. 

Using a Thin Chain-Link Fence

Unless you are okay with replacing your fence early, you need to purchase a high-quality chain-link fence. You would benefit from spending more money on a chain-link fence with adequate thickness because it will serve you for a very long time. Thick chain-link fences have outstanding stability and strength. Therefore, get such a fence at all costs.

Installing the Fence Near Vegetation and Vines

Some people assume that growing vines along a chain-link fence is cool. Well, it might seem so, but you'll actually be destroying the fence. As the vines grow on the fence, they will exert a lot of pressure and ultimately cause your fence to bend. That said, you should clear any vegetation and vines along the fence line.

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