Wood Fence Staining: 4 Benefits You Should Know

If you have invested in a wood fence in your commercial or residential property, you want it to last a long time so you can get value on your investment. Besides, wood fences are gorgeous and give a property a natural, vibrant look that is highly appealing. That said, you should know that this fence requires regular maintenance to keep its appearance and functionality over the years.  

Remember, wood is vulnerable to climatic changes, environmental elements, and other similar hazards. Therefore, it's crucial to maintain the fence regularly to protect it. One of the solutions you can consider is staining. This is the case because staining the wooden pallets that make a fence can protect it from various forms of deterioration. Below are the benefits of staining your wood fence.

Protection From UV Damage

You should know that sunlight can be detrimental to wooden materials like a fence. Seeing that your fence will be under direct sunlight for many days over the years, failure to protect the material will make it appear old and faded. The good news is, staining wood is a surefire way to reduce ultraviolet damage on your fence. In addition, the thin coat of the stain will reflect the harmful rays, leaving the fence looking new for many years.

Prevents Possible Wood Rot

Like sunlight, all forms of precipitation can take a toll on your wood fence. Remember, wood is naturally absorbent, so when it's exposed to rain, snow, or moisture, the water will seep into the wood and cause rotting. More so, if the water starts to freeze during winter, it can split the wood, weakening the fence. However, you can revert this form of damage by applying high-quality stain on your wooden fence. The layer of stain will seal the board surfaces so no water will penetrate.

Prevents Wood Splinters 

When you stain all fence boards, you will reduce the probability of having splinters or rough cracks. This is because the thick liquid seals loose particles on the frame, preventing injuries that might result from touching them.

Keeps Bugs Away

Wood naturally attracts bugs. Besides, most bugs see wood as a food source or habitat. So, staining the fence is an excellent way to keep these bugs from lodging or feeding on your fence.

As you can see, staining is an excellent way to ensure your fence looks and performs great over the years. So, whether you have just installed one or used it for some time, do not hesitate to contact a fencing contractor to stain the boards regularly.

Contact a local residential fencing service to learn more. 

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