The Best Ways To Repair And Maintain A Fence

Fences are not just a way to add privacy to your yard. Fences can make your home look beautiful, increase its resale value, and help prevent pets from getting loose. However, a fence is not going to do much good if it is broken down and in need of repair. That's why it helps to know some best practices for repair and maintenance.

Inspect The Fence

A fence is not something that you install and forget about. It's important to regularly inspect the fence so that you can fix minor problems before they turn into big problems. Things like broken boards, split or warped panels, and metal parts that have rusted can all cause the fence to fail. Find these problems early so you can easily repair them.

Clean The Fence

It's always a good idea to clean a fence when you notice that it is dirty. A wood fence with dirt on it can trap moisture, which will cause the wood to rot underneath. All it usually takes is a hose with a sprayer attachment to get rid of the dirt and grime on the surface. However, ignoring the dirt can end up causing more work. You may need to power wash the surface to remove stains and then restain the fence to create an even color once again. 

Seal The Fence

You should seal a fence soon after having it installed since the seal is going to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood and prevent pests from causing damage. That seal will eventually wear down and need to be reapplied. You can tell by spraying water on the fences and looking at how the water reacts. A good seal will cause the water to bead on the surface and drip off of it. A bad seal will cause the wood to absorb the water. 

Fix Sagging Gates

A common problem with gates is that they can sag over time. This ends up putting stress on certain portions of wood, which can cause damage. There are kits that you can purchase that allow you to put a brace on the fence to lift the sagging corner off the ground. This will put less stress on other parts of your fence, prevent the fence from dragging, and prevent more damage from happening.

Reach out to a fence contractor if you have questions about how to repair or maintain your fence.

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